“sanctification” is taken in the shut down Trinitatis church in Mannheim, Germany. Symbolically sanctification happens here through the sunlight, that falls through the small colored windows into the building, which looks rather dull from the outside. It pets the room out of cement and stone with colorful reflections, that are moving with the sun. The reflections bring warmth and life into the building, like visible made love. As a natural process, this happens every day for everyone who has time and leisure to watch. Even if nobody is there.
The Soundmaterial is based on the light frequency inside the church and clarity outside. The dimensions of colours, simplicity and architecture reflects the video attitude. Many soundlevels flow into each other. The music is like a silent audience and invites to fantasize.
The Trinitatis church was built 1956-59 and known worldwide as an early masterpiece of the german architect Helmut Striffler. The american architecure-critic Kidder Smith calls her as the „most beautiful sacral building of Europe“ (wikipedia). Since 1994 the Trinitatis church is an ancient monument of special importance in the memorial book of the federal state Baden-Württemberg. Since 1995 it is not in use anymore, because the building is very expensive in upkeeping and the social phenomenon of less people going to church in general.

SOUND: Elena Maier

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